Monday, October 3, 2011

Risky jobs‏

I think one of the risky jobs is a fisherman. I have two reasons that support my belief, if the fisherman goes to catch fish, he does not know what will happen with weather; may be the weather will change quickly and maybe he will go down, For example I saw in the TV last month a story about a Saudi student in the US who went on a trip with his friends and went to catch fish, but he went down. People who frequently do the activity feel differently about others because they want to break the barrier of the own fear, For example when I was kid I didn't like to swim because I didn't try, when I tried the first time, I felt excited

The success

I believe that success is a goal that you can reach. First, I think success is everything you can do without help, I mean by yourself. If you try to do something and you get failures that drive you to success if you try a second time, For example many people in the world like Thomas Edison when he tried to make light, he failed more than a thousand times before succeeding. If he Surrender I don't know how we could see in the night. In fact, there is a relationship between success and failure.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

“Practice makes it perfect”

I think the main problem in CESL for most students is the oral presentation. For example, when someone speaks in front of people or in class, he feels nervous. Also, he cannot express his idea perfectly as he wanted; in fact we hate to give a speech in front of people.
My Advice:
In this case, we need to solve the problem by speaking in front of a mirror, and recording our presentation, and trying and trying speaking in front of people.
“Practice makes it perfect”